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Our toboggans are made from premium, no-maintenance UHMW. This is a space age plastic that provides smooth hauling over ice and snow and durability that is second to none even in the most extreme temperatures. Our wood cross pieces are made from locally sourced White Ash and treated with oil to protect them from UV and moisture.


We use premium polyester lines and webbing. Unlike Nylon, our polyester does not absorb moisture, offers better protection from UV light, and does not stretch. These are all very important considerations. We put a lot of time and thought into our gear to offer a toboggan that will last years and years.


We have heavy duty cotton and thick leather tump straps depending on your preference. These are roughly 2” X 48”. The haul lines between your toboggan and tump are 9 feet. This length gives you plenty of room for your snowshoes in the front and allows you to steer the toboggan from behind on downhill trails. We use 1-inch-wide webbing with a knot on the end for our drag lines/tails simply because we find the webbing more comfortable and easier to hold onto than rope.

We use all stainless-steel screws and bolts to secure our crossbars. Our traditional lashing system comes standard on our toboggans utilizing polyester webbing, stainless steel spring buckles, and rings on prusik knots that can be moved along the running lines to get a custom fit on your gear every time.


One of the biggest benefits of a UHMW toboggan is its flexibility. These toboggans can be rolled up and secured for easy transport to your favorite spot.  

9' UHMW Expedition Toboggan

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