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If you have a question not answered below, please send us an EMAIL.

How many people are on each trip?

Trips and workshops can range quite a bit in numbers from 8 people on a Boundary Waters expedition to 25 on a backpacking trip to over 40 at a winter camping workshop. If we have a larger group, NOW Outdoors will bring on additional guides or other support as needed. Most trips have 8-15 participants. Our workshops tend to bring in larger numbers.

Do I need to be in top shape to attend?

In order to get the most out of your experience on a NOW Outdoors trip, you'll want to be in good health and good shape. We don't expect you to be an athlete or run a marathon each week, but it is important that you prepare yourself both physically and mentally ahead of time. Some trips can be much more demanding on the body than others such as canoe camping, snowshoe trips, and mountain expeditions. This could mean adding a few extra hours at the gym each week or biking, running, or snowshoeing at a local park.

Who leads the trips?

Each event is different. A list of our guides can be found by clicking "ABOUT US" in the menu.

How safe are your trips?

No wilderness experience is without some level of risk. However, NOW Outdoors trips are very safe. Our guides are all trained in wilderness first aid, wilderness first responder, or wilderness EMT. Our team has many years of experience in all of our areas of operation and is well-versed in our safety policies, equipment, and field maintenance. We work with local experts on trips overseas and maintain communication during trips with the use of satellite communication.

How do I know what I need for gear?

Upon registration, a full gear list and other documents will be sent to you. Most if not all group gear is provided leaving just personal items for most trips. If you need specialized gear for particular trips such as snowshoes, life jackets, cold weather sleeping bags, hammocks, or backpacks, we have rental equipment available.

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